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Does the thought of studying at a boarding school scare you? The idea of living without your family at a completely new place is frightening, but it has its own set of benefits that will totally outweigh that initial fear.

1) Academic and overall development

Since students at residential schools are under 24/7 supervision, their overall development is sure to take a jump in a positive direction. With teachers and students there to help you round the clock, you are sure to learn a lot of new things.

2) Plenty of sports and co-curricular activities

Every residential school has plenty of extracurriculars to take part in, which encourages students to pursue their interests, be it basketball or debating. Keeping in mind that students will be staying there even after their day studies, most schools have the top-notch infrastructure to provide all sorts of activities for students.

3) You save a lot of time

From saving time commuting to not wasting tons of time in unproductive activities like watching TV, boarding schools are a great way to make the most of every second.

4) Friends become family

Being with the same set of people a day and like forms a sibling-like bond that is sure to last a lifetime. Moreover, you have so much more time to spend with your friends once you come to boarding school.

6) Independent & responsible

The opportunity to become self-reliable at such a young age comes with a lot of perks. Without your parents there to help you 24/7, you learn to manage things on your own. This responsibility is very helpful for your future.

Thus, once you come to a boarding school in Dehradun, you are not just a student. You get the chance to become whatever you want, be it a painter, a footballer, even a student president. It offers you a list of endless possibilities that will sculpt you for the rest of your life.