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The world of computers is perhaps the only reality for the present generation of students. Computers have stormed every field of learning. There is hardly any field of careers left where technology isn’t essential; every small action performed in a job, ultimately goes through some kind of a computer. In the end, being able to communicate and engage in this fast-paced manner enhances productivity levels by a great amount. We’re now capable of creating new and better quality of tasks via computer technology.

There is a constant ‘newness’ in this universe of computers. This perhaps is the reason why our young learners have a quest for learning. It arouses curiosity to know even more. We all know that the love of learning is gratifying and never self-destructive. It yields way for acquiring a storehouse of knowledge.

We, at Col. Brown Cambridge School encourage our students to discover themselves by providing numerous opportunities to grow in a holistic way. We are so proud that our ‘Whiz Kids’ Arpan Joel and Agastya Chaudhary of class XI and Mrigank Kohli of class VIII, who lent his voice for the audio, have devoted a considerable amount of time to create a CBS quiz website.

On 30thSeptember2022, Arpan and Agastya along with Sahil Mishra and Mrigank Kohli gave a presentation to the staff and students of their work. The site has been developed through HTML. They have uploaded questions on various subjects. The students can choose the correct answer to the questions by clicking on the correct option. The intelligently selected questions were displayed on the screen and the audience was asked to participate in the quiz .There was a lot of excitement as the students eagerly waited for a chance to answer. It was indeed impressive to see the students giving the correct answers. We could see that the audience was completely involved and enjoying the test of their knowledge.

We appreciate the efforts of the students. In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. So, Kudos to our students who make the most of the opportunities that the school provides. Let the CBS flag keep flying high!