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Each year on 11th August, a tree plantation drive is carried out on the school campus. The students participate actively and plant saplings with much enthusiasm. The day marks the death anniversary of our late Principal, Mr. Abhai Singh, a nature lover and keen environmentalist, who promoted the plantation of trees on the campus. We have continued with the tradition and in his memory we plant a variety of trees.

This year too, our young, exuberant students geared up for the plantation and put their best foot forward. The experienced seniors gave a helping hand to the younger students and within no time a hundred and fifty saplings had found ground. It may seem a fun activity but the learning lesson behind it is deep rooted. A number of guests participated in the event. We are grateful to Mr.Rajive Rekhi and Mr. Shobit Aswal from ‘The Friends of Doon’, Mr. Paramjeet from Pramukh, Ms.Somya and family who took time out to be a part of our plantation drive.

Trees are the soul of our earth. They play a vital role in the existence of us humans. They give us life but we take their life. This is the irony! Each year uncountable number of trees are felled to give rise to a concrete jungle. However, at Col. Brown we value mother-nature and keep replenishing the green cover with new plants. The campus proudly houses a rare variety of trees that is the home of many birds. We follow the policy of co-existence and our students help to nurture the environment with their loving care.Trees stand tall in nature and serve as an inspiration for humans to grow their roots, to stay grounded while also gently swaying in the wind with life’s changes.

“To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, to live as a people, we must have trees.” – Theodore Roosevelt