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“To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, to live as a people, we must have trees.”

Tree plantation is an essential activity conducted at Col. Brown School on August 11, each year. Fresh saplings are planted to keep the cycle of an eco-friendly campus thriving. The school makes a conscious effort to contribute towards the environment. The saplings are carefully selected and the students are engaged in the plantation drive. Despite the pandemic the activity has been conducted to continue with this tradition.

Trees are essential for life. They are a crucial factor for our existence not only because they provide us with the materials for tools and shelter, but because they play a vital role in the carbon cycle.

A campus that is green is conducive for learning. It becomes a home for a variety of birds as well. It helps to develop the virtue of coexistence and offers a visual treat for the eyes.

A crucial factor in our existence and the sustainability of the environment are trees. Yet, we find them to be depleted in the world, causing major concerns and the problem of global warming. It is extremely vital to understand the role of trees in our lives and how their absence can affect the existence of humanity itself. We at Col. Brown understand this and make a sincere endeavour to provide a campus that is no less than a ‘heaven on earth’. We are grateful to ‘The Friends of Doon’ who provide us with the saplings and help us to continue with our green drive. They say, “He who plants a tree, plants a hope.” We will keep this motto flying high always.