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Teachers are to students what sunshine is to flowers!

In the words of Swami Vivekanand, “Books may help us to increase our knowledge, but without a teacher’s guidance, knowledge cannot affect our innermost being.” A close teacher-student relationship is an integral part of any learning process. On Teachers’ Day the students go that extra mile to express their gratitude by putting up a variety entertainment show.This year too, the cultural bonanza put up by the students of Col. Brown School was par excellence.

The strong bond between a teacher and a student builds silently over a period of time, there are no bugles sounded or trumpets blown to speak of the selfless contribution of a teacher, but an evening of entertainment dedicated to them is worth a lifetime of dedication.

The programme began by remembering our great leader Dr. Radhakrishnan, the second President of India, whose birthday we commemorate as Teachers’ Day to recognize the contribution of teachers to society.

The programme this year was unique. All the skits that were performed were relevant to the present day social set up. The skits, “The harms of social media,” “Lockdown Diaries” and “The pseudo society,” portrayed the real face of the world we live in. The insight that the students highlighted, confirmed the belief that we have taught our students “HOW” to think and not “WHAT” to think! The script as well as the performance of all the students lit up our hearts. Indeed these were hard hitting themes but the humour that was added was delightful.

The songs were well chosen and sung melodiously. The dances displayed an astounding talent and hours of hard work. The stage was set, the spirits were high and the love, respect and appreciation shown by the students will be treasured by each teacher for a long time to come!