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‘Wild Life Week’

Activities conducted with students of Col. Brown School.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

William Shakespeare

Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away with them. This so called progress was depicted through uncontrollable construction of buildings that have left the earth’s façade unrecognizable. Yet, there are people who belong to a conscious society and have not let the concrete development affect them.

 It’s a treat to see schools with a lush green campus like that of Col. Brown School. It’s a traditional school that firmly believes in providing for its students an environment that is conducive for learning. Its numerous trees are home to rare species of birds. As a part of the Wild Life Week, an awareness programme was organized for the middle school students as well as students of classes VIII and IX.

A bird watching session was conducted by Dr. Raman Kumar, Dr.Saumya Prasad and Ms Ridhima from ‘Nature Science Initiative’. The students began their walk at 7.40 a.m. and within a trail of about a kilometre they were able to spot 45 species of birds. The birds spotted were:

8 Rock Pigeons 3 Spotted Doves, 15 Little Swifts 1 Red- wattled Lapwing 1 Shikra
9 Black Kites 1 Spotted Owlet 8 Indian Grey Hornbills 1 White throated Kingfisher 15 Green Bee-eaters
1 Coppersmith Barbet 1 Brown headed Barbet 1 Black-rumped Flameback 1 Grey headed Woodpecker 1 White throated Fantail
1 Alexandrine Parakeet 12 Rose ringed Parakeets 6 Plum-headed Parakeets 1 Large Cuckoo- shrike 6 Hair crested Drongo
2 Rufous Treepies 3 Large-billed Crows 1 Grey headed Canary Flycatcher 1 Red whiskered Bulbul 2 Cinereous Tit
2 Tailorbirds 1 Dusky Crag Martin 2 Wire tailed Swallows 1 Red-rumped Swallow 2 Red vented Bulbuls
1 Himalayan Bulbul 1 Greenish Warbler 2 Grey hooded Warblers 10 Indian white eye 4 Jungle Babblers
15 Common Mynas 1 Oriental Magpie Robin 1 Ultra marine Flycatcher 2 Brown Rock Chat 2 Pale-billed Flower peckers
2 Crimson Sunbirds 2 Scaly breasted Munia 1 Grey Wagtail 14 White Wagtail  

The students were extremely excited to spot the variety of birds. That indeed speaks volumes of what kind of an environment our students are privileged to be in.