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The second strain of the Covid-19 virus has become rampant. It is a matter of concern as the numbers continue to soar across the country. This is because the people are becoming casual and are flouting the norms and guidelines. However, we at Col. Brown Cambridge School are taking every possible measure to ensure the safety of our students.

Each and every visiting member of the staff, sub staff, helping staff and the dining hall staff are sanitized at the entrance of the school and their temperature is recorded. They keep their mask on throughout the day.  The entire dining-hall staff and house-helpers have undergone the RTPCR (Covid test).The hostels are sanitized twice daily. The students’ temperature is checked in the morning as well as in the evening. The classrooms are also sanitized every day. There is an in-house Doctor who attends to anyone who has even the slightest symptom for a cough, cold or fever.

One of the Housemasters and his boys are very innovative and have acquired steamers online and have made it a practice to take steam twice a day.

We have also requested our alumni to refrain from visiting the school during this period.

It is mandatory for all to wear a mask, maintain a social distance, wash and sanitize their hands regularly.

Prevention is better than cure and we insist that every individual must adhere conscientiously to the SOPs and Covid guidelines to combat the virus.