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The use of plastic has become irreplaceable in most homes, as it is cheap, light weight, strong and resistant to corrosion. It is used in some form or the other – packaging, polybags, medical use and household goods. However, only a few realize that it is hazardous and pollutes land, water and air. The reckless dumping of plastic poses a significant threat to the environment, mankind, wildlife and aquatic life as it is not biodegradable. We are aware of all these facts, yet we turn a blind eye to it. We need to be responsible and take up the issue of saying ‘NO’ to the use of plastic.

We at Col. Brown Cambridge School take on this responsibility seriously and contribute towards the protection of the environment. There is minimal use of plastic on the campus. We have our own composting plant and we recycle all the waste. However, we cannot limit our share of consciousness to our campus. We must spread awareness and motivate others to minimize the use of plastic and also follow the correct way of disposal of plastic.

The ‘Plastic Mukt Abhiyan’ of Dehradun Nigam is a student and school centric awareness, segregation and recycling programme. It is being enthusiastically promoted in all schools to create a social responsibility among students who in turn will educate society at large. On 8th April, 2022 Mr. Anoop Nautiyal who is the Founder of SDC (Social Development for Community) addressed our students about this programme and the issue of plastic pollution. He spoke about the increasing threat of plastic to the present and future generations. He explained to the students how they could be the saviors of the environment by joining the programme hosted by the Nagar Nigam.

Mr. Nautiyal applauded the efforts of the Brownians in their endeavour to protect the environment. But, the show must go on. The passion for preserving our environment must not die down. Let us wipe out pollution before it wipes us out!

Mr. Anoop Nautiyal a social activist and worker mentioned this about Col. Brown School after his talk on Plastic Mukt abhiyan

“Knock on wood, we are blessed to be having many big schools and central government offices in Dehradun. Their campuses provide succor and relief from pollution and heat. Was at 96 year Old Col Brown School today in Dehradun and could not help but get mesmerized with greenery all around”