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All rooms are provided with electric lights. Water is laid on and electric fans are provided in the Dining Hall, the Dormitories, Class Rooms, Recreation Rooms, Library and the Assembly Hall. The school has its own bakery and both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food is served. Every effort is made to meet the special requirements of boys as regards food. Neither beef nor pork is allowed to enter the school premises.The Mess caters to both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian needs. It is run in two shifts in order to give enough spacing and timing between the junior and senior meals.

The food provided is ample in quantity, of the very purest quality, and the diet is well balanced. Strict cleanliness in its preparation is enforced. Boys get three substantial meals daily, in addition to Chota Hazri and afternoon Tea. A hot water bath straight from the geysers in the spacious bathrooms, equally well ventilated dorms, resounding with music from audio decks further heightens the spirit of the boys. They relax after the bath watching their favorite serials on television or enjoy a game of carom in the union room under the tender care and supervision of the Matrons / Housemasters. The boys according to their age groups are comfortably settled in the ten hostels and are all up and about for the morning P.T. at 6.00 a.m.

Dick House – A substantial two storied building capable of accommodating about 75 boys. A Matron is incharge of the place. Sylverton – A commodious bungalow in a spacious compound. 25 boys live here under the supervision of a House Master. McIntosh House – A new dormitory to accommodate 60 boys. Kitchener Block adjacent to the above to accommodate 60 boys. Long ford House – The House is divided into large airy rooms which accommodates about 50 boys. Ireland House – It has a large dormitory and a common room to accommodate 60 boys. White House – This House has large dormitories and a common room to accommodate 60 boys. Colonel’s House – A new dormitory to accommodate 60 boys. The youngest boys live here under the supervision of a Matron. Patel House – A new hostel with a common room accommodates 50 boys. India House – The House was built in 1939, and has 30 rooms, each with a dressing room and a study attached.