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Sending your child to boarding school is a tough decision and requires a lot of consideration. Just making your child believe that it is a positive experience is an ordeal of its own. Rather than making it look like a punishment for their bad behavior, parents should be open with their kids about why it is in fact a kind of reward.

Talk and keep communication lines open

Show your child the positive aspects of boarding school, like the fun in living with friends, having a large campus and sports facilities, and the freedom that comes with it. Tell them about the kind of person they could become if they got to enjoy such an experience.

Make your child independent

It often gets difficult for children to adjust in a boarding school environment if they are used to being dependent on parents at home. To make sure your child has a smooth transition, start making them do a few chores at home itself to get them used to that lifestyle.

Get organised

Once you have selected the school and taken admission there, start planning and organizing for the transition. This will help in coming to terms with the situation, making everything seem real for your child as well. Make your child pack their own things and take them shopping so that they have everything they need.

Prepare for difficult times with them

No child likes change. There’s a high chance they will face issues like homesickness initially in boarding school. Explain to them that this is normal and show them ways they can cope with it. Tell them how they can reach you at all times through phone or video calling. Explain to them who else they can ask for help in their school so that they feel relaxed knowing they can always get help.

Lastly, explain to your child how wonderful their boarding school in Dehradun experience will be in making them a well-rounded and capable adult.