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The ongoing pandemic has had a major effect on the educational system. The closing of schools and colleges has not just affected students, but also teachers. While some institutions have postponed the admission process until the pandemic eases, others have taken the entire process online.

With millions of students studying online for the first time, the education sector might see the following changes:

  • Online education will become a priority for educational institutions – Online education was almost nil prior to this period, but distance learning now seems to be the only and most convenient mode for educating students.
  • Technology and electronic infrastructures will become a deciding factor while taking admission – Parents will now give high weightage to schools with the most advanced infrastructure.
  • Increase in a blended learning approach – Once the pandemic eases, there will be a new style of teaching which would combine online learning with face to face learning.

But online learning comes with its own set of problems. It might not be possible for every student to possess a computer and high-speed internet at home. A survey stated that only 57% of students had the resources required for online learning, making it a major obstacle for a lot of students.

To cope with this lack of resources, even if schools decide to reopen, there is a list of directives they would be required to follow such as:

  • Canceling of assemblies and events that usually lead to crowding
  • Having several shifts to accommodate a large number of students
  • Temperature checks and sanitization regularly
  • Special seating arrangements
  • Teaching students about the virus and its prevention
  • Ensuring that students and staff members keep themselves safe

The pandemic has not just affected the learning curve of young children but has also affected educational institutions in terms of financial and social loss. The restrictions due to the lockdown have also shifted the timelines of schools and colleges, leading to disruptions in the academic calendar.

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