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To seek the blessings of their teachers, the students of class X organize a good luck party each year. At Col Brown this is a tradition that has been carried out for years. This year the party was scheduled for 7th May, 2022. Although it was in the midst of the exams, it was an event that was much awaited. In fact it was a great stress buster.

The party was organized perfectly by the students. Every aspect was kept in mind, great ambience, delicious food, rocking music and a cordial welcome. The evening was well spent as it was enjoyable for both the staff and the students.

Our students are our pride and we wish them luck in all their endeavours. Examinations are not the only yardstick to measure success in life. It’s the overall personality developed at school that decides the future of the child. However, examinations do help to realize that we need to face such challenges in all walks of life.

Students, take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go. May each day renew your hopes and enthusiasm to explore new aspects of life! Good luck!