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Established in 1926, Colonel Brown Cambridge School is one of the oldest and best Boys Boarding School in India. Colonel Brown School offers admission from grades I to XII. The first stage of the admission process is to initiate the registration by filling the ‘Registration Form’ along with the prescribed registration fee (refer to the fee structure). A child is admitted to the school purely on the basis of merit and recommendations of any kind debars him from admission to the school. Once the child steps inside the gates of the school, the mental as well as the physical grooming of the child becomes the responsibility of the school. All aspects, like a nutritious healthy diet, hygiene, co-curricular activities and sports are all supervised by the experienced staff members. Every big and small step leading to the child’s development is looked upon as an achievement by the school.



  • To match the objectives of the school with the goals and abilities of the student.
  • Have a transparent process without discrimination to any student.
  • Setting a high standard of core values that are also reflected in the families of the students.
  • Adherence to local laws.
  • Admission Procedure

The school may carry out a formal/informal assessment of the students in order to decide on appropriate learning or behavioural support. The school may also require further educational or psychological evaluations if the need is felt for further detailed information to support individual students.
Admission is based on the ability of the applicants. This is evaluated through an assessment process which involves written evaluation, face-to-face interviews, reports and character certificate from the previous school.


  • Registration has to be confirmed with:
    • Offline Rs. 4500/- (From the school reception)
    • Online Rs. 4725/- (Through our website
  • Prospectus, sample paper and syllabus for entrance exam will be issued after registration.
  • The parents are given a tour of the school with prior appointment if desired by them.
  • Along with the form, parents also need to submit the following documents:
  1. Original plus one photocopy of the students Birth Certificate. (the original will be returned immediately after verification).
  2. 2 recent passport size coloured photographs of the candidate.
  3. Copy of Aadhar card.
  4. Copy of last exam progress report.
  5. Covid Vaccination Certificate.


Once admission is granted, parents will need to deposit the fees and submit the following documents.

  1. Transfer Certificate in original. (For foreign students the school will require a letter from the Principal of the last school attended stating the bonafide of the student along with the report of the last examination given).
  2. Photocopy of Passport if available. This is mandatory for foreign students. </li class=”li-text”>
  3. The admission documentation booklet must also be completed and duly signed by both parents. It contains information which will facilitate a smooth relationship between parents and the school.
  4. The school will inform the parent the date of joining.
  5. A new student will be allotted the section and house on the day of admission. The time table will be handed over to him by the Class Teacher.
  6. Teachers will assist new students with the syllabi covered in the class till date.
  7. Parents can contact the school admission counselor in case of any further query.

NOTE: Above assessment results are based firmly on merit and are subject to stipulation mentioned by the admission committee, subsequent seats will be presented in order of merit.

• Registration amount is non-refundable