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A broad and comprehensive education should aim at enabling each individual to discover, unearth and enrich their creative potential. Learning is the quest for truth and the means to express it. Theatre and performing arts are the means and the avenues. Verbal expression is the first miracle of creative expression and it is also the most intimate of all. When scholars develop the confidence and begin to express their inner feeling verbally, the quest for the truth becomes deeper and richer. The key is for scholars to learn that true expression is not repetition from memory, but feeling, thinking and perceiving the nuances, and then crafting those feelings, thoughts and perceptions into their own original and unique way of speaking and communicating.




The school seeks to instil creativity, originality and a keen sense of perception amongst its students. Students are motivated to learn from experience and failure and to emerge stronger from them, with a better understanding of art. The students of the Fine Arts Department, showcase their creativity in different forms of art. The visual arts sessions are structured to maintain a balance between making art and observing it, as well as, responding to art and transforming it. Art has various forms like: clay, digital, fabric, fibre and print. Artists and budding artists are encouraged in painting, oil on canvas, water colour on paper, charcoal drawings, sculptures, pottery, stain glass paintings and all other forms of art.


Music is one of the most important fields in education. It develops other aspects of the mind by giving a multi-faceted form of expression that farther enhances one’s insight into the world around. Music is an important part of the curriculum at Col. Brown Cambridge School and the students are provided with excellent faculty and facility to pursue music as a hobby. Throughout the year, presentations are made by scholars in various celebrations which help them in developing their presentation skills. Inter-House Music Competitions and cultural festivals are a highlight of the curriculum. Students either learn Western Contemporary Music, both, vocal and instrumental, or Indian Classical Music, both, vocal and instrumental. They are also given adequate time to pursue an instrument of their choice – the guitar, the drums, the synthesizer, the piano, the tabla, the violin, the harmonium, the sitar etcetera.




If the richest spoken and written communication is unravelled before the students in their early years of learning, they will internally realize the potential of those words. Scholars are therefore exposed to the best of poetry, fiction, drama and music as a sound start to fulfilling theatre education. Recitation, songs, plays, debates, dances are all directed under the guidance of knowledgeable mentors who shape their inner thoughts.


Social awareness and service to the country is an integral part of education. Children are encouraged to help and work for the handicapped and mentally challenged. Voluntary contributions are made to children suffering from Thalassemia; Cancer Society of India, Help Age and many other organisations. The school has contributed time and again to areas struck with disaster and natural calamities, bringing the boys closer to reality and the needs of people. SUPW grades are compulsory to secure a pass certificate in the Board Examinations.



Physical activity through sports and games is an essential ingredient of the personality development of every student. We believe that academics and sports are compatible and complementary in realizing the child’s full potential. Activity on the play field develops the qualities of teamwork, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem. They get ingrained in the psyche and enable each student to overcome the trials and tribulations of life. Sports equip scholars to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. In the initial years children are encouraged to joyously participate in running, swimming and freehand gymnastics. As they grow the school ensures that their curriculum is upgraded accordingly. Special training regimes are individually developed by highly qualified and experienced instructors keeping in view the ability, talent and the potential of every child. The following sports and games are offered:

  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial Arts
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Chess
  • Yoga


Ideally located in a hilly terrain, there is a vast scope for expeditions, camping and trekking. The school encourages love for nature among the students, and keeping this in mind the students, including the teachers, go on a five day trek during their mid-term break.