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Proctor Message

A 93-year school, Col Brown Cambridge School, has come a long way. It started in 1926 primarily for Indian Boys during the pre-Independence era; the alumni then, as today belonged to distinguished families. The boys joined at the age of 5 and 6 years and by the time they left they were well turned out gentlemen. People preferred to send their boys to a Boarding school to learn a disciplined life, and I must add here that, that is the need of the hour. Today children need boarding school more than before – here they are safe from many outside influences. We strongly believe in values of truth, honesty, respect for elderly, for parents, family to respect women and the law of the land. These values are the core of the Indian society. Our boys can relate to all these core values right from the beginning and we find that they have done exceedingly well in life today. They are in the armed forces, civil services, research, medicine, engineering, business, construction and education. You will find a Brownian in every nook and corner of the world. I hope that they will remember all that has been taught to them and our Late Principal Col (Dr.) T.F. O’Donells words that sums up our life “Eat well, sleep well, work hard, play hard, above all be a gentleman”.
Rani Indubala Singh