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Welcome to the world of Col. Brown Cambridge School, one of Asia’s finest and oldest boarding school nestled in the Doon Valley since 1926.

Col. Brown School’s philosophy is driven by passion and an unflinching mission to educate the children and help them rediscover themselves the children get to learn what healthy living is all about. Utmost importance is given to health, Physical Education, Personal development and human relationships.

To eat is necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. To reach their potential in the class rooms and life, children are served nutritious food which provides them body and mind with the energy needed to grow, fell active and stay healthy.

Eating in the dining hall of Col. Brown School is a delight for foodies. Mostly seasonal ingredients are used because they give the food a distinct flavour and add seasonal freshness The children are given a  high   carbohydrates and proteins diet . A dietician is regularly consulted so that the children have a balanced diet.

The youth of today are extremely well informed with the taste for the world’s finest products . So school makes it sure that every preparation is heavenly and mouth-watering and this makes the children say goodbye to junk food very happily.