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The portals of school were finally flung open to welcome the students after almost a year. The trees, the plants and the birds appear to be rejuvenated as though trying to tell the students, “We missed you.” Yes students, we certainly did miss you. Your laughter and chatter has brought back our smiles.

 2021 has ushered in on an encouraging note- with renewed hope and an assurance that all is going to be well. The pandemic has taught us that no matter what the situation is, we need to fight back and get back to our normal routine. We must focus on our health and constantly work towards building our immunity through exercise and yoga. Wearing a mask will be the new norm.

The students are back ready to take on afresh from where they had left. The Management of the school understands that they have returned after a long gap, so to make them comfortable, certain relaxations have been made. Classes are starting late so that the students get more time for themselves. This is the far sightedness of the Management. They believe in providing a ‘home-like’ environment.

A number of new students have also joined us. Their beaming smiles are a testimony to the friendly and conducive environment provided here. Undoubtedly it is one of the best schools in the country. A warm welcome to all of you, dear students!

It was interesting to observe the reactions of the boys who were meeting their friends after a long time – some had put on weight, some had gained height, while others wouldn’t stop laughing. Cheer up! We are all geared up to take on any future challenges. Let us not look back but march-on to a bright future!