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Well, life in a boarding school is not as it is shown in movies. There are multiple reasons why you should consider sending your kids to boarding school. Over the years, reports have shown that the majority of the boarding school students feel they are ready and prepared for college life as compared to private or public school students. They also find a better platform to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. Boarding schools also help not only students but also in the overall development of a child. In general, boarding schools make students understand the different situations that they might face in life. Thereby making them more ready to face difficult situations. Not just this, living at boarding schools makes you inculcate the value of discipline.

One such boarding school is Col Brown Boarding School, one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun. They provide all education and sports facilities. Here are some main reasons as to why you should send your child to Col Brown Boarding School if you are staying in Dehradun.

  • Inculcating discipline, confidence, and compassion – Boarding schools are all about inculcating values in an individual. You learn to be more disciplined and confident. You also learn compassion and tolerance. You learn to care about animals and the people around you. You follow a schedule and a proper time table, which makes you more disciplined.
  • Responsibility and Independence – Staying alone in a boarding makes you more responsible for your daily activities. You learn to do all the basic things on your own. Along with responsibility, this is the first time you get the independence and freedom to make your own decisions. You can make mistakes and learn from them. It is learning from life itself.
  • Constant Learning Environment – Boarding schools are like a constant learning environment. Always giving you learning lessons at every step. It need not be something like maths or science. It will be more like learning from nature itself. You learn to understand the gift of nature and the people around you.
  • Exposure to different cultures – Boarding schools are a place where students from all around the country as well as some from out of the country also come to learn and stay. They bond with each other, talk about their cultures and their festivals. It is majorly like staying in a community of all people with different backgrounds. You learn to be more accepting of other people's cultures and differences.
  • Best education and sports facility– With experienced teachers around you, you get the best education. They are always guiding individual students in improving not just in education but also in sports. They motivate you to take up sports and spend an equal amount of time studying as well as playing. The classes in boarding schools are usually small. That means that every student is given equal guidance and personal attention which is not possible in private or public schools.
  • Extracurricular activities – Boarding school is not only about books, studies, and sports. It also helps you deal with learning other extracurricular activities. You can learn different skills such as swimming, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or even horse riding. There is no limit to how much and what all you can learn.
  • Expert Guidance from faculty – You can have expert guidance from your faculty at all times. They are always around you. They not just teach you about academics but also some life lessons. These lessons that you and your friends learn in boarding school are the pioneers of some great decisions in life. All the teachers teaching in boarding are hired who have a degree in that subject and love to teach. They are passionate about their subject as well as compassionate about their students. They always want their students to reach greater heights.
  • Building lifelong friendships – Kids staying together, undergoing the same situations, and learning to deal with life together makes them understand the importance of friendships. The friends that you make in boarding school will always have your back and you will find them with you through all major milestones of your life. You get these everlasting beautiful bonds of friendship from boarding schools.
  • Developing social skills – Some students find it difficult to talk with others. They fear something going wrong or people laughing at them. They are usually away from other students and people. Staying at boarding schools makes them accept social change in life. It forces them to go beyond their comfort zone and talk with other students. This helps them develop social skills. Social skills are very essential as it is the way you communicate with people and your behavior which decides what people think about you. It also helps in building your personality.
  • Priorities – This is one life lesson that people learn over time. But staying in a boarding school makes students understand the importance of priority. They have to understand what should be their priority at what point in life. Along with all life lessons and skills to survive, they learn the importance of keeping their goals clear and achieving them one step at a time.

Boarding schools train students to live life in short. That is one of the main reasons why you should send your child to a boarding school in Dehradun. But sending your child to boarding school does not mean that you will lose touch with them. You as a parent should also be responsible and keep a check on your child’s progress. It is as difficult for your child to stay away from you as it is for you to stay away from your child. There should be a mutual understanding between parents and children when it comes to boarding schools. A child should not feel he/she is abandoned or sent away and that is majorly a responsibility of a parent to do so. It is also a parent’s responsibility to see that their child is progressing and being a good human being. He/she is learning the values of life and not taking advantage of the freedom and independence that he/she has been given. Thus, it is both a parent and a child’s responsibility to maintain a healthy relationship and be a good human.