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Exotic, Spectacular and so amazing are the forty or more species of out feathered friends found in Col. Brown School Estate. These winged creatures represent freedom, love and liveliness.

Birds are so closely tied to their ecosystem that they are often the first creatures to let us know that something is wrong. They act as indicators of sustainability and ecosystem health. So caring for the birds mean caring for the world.

The Doon valley is considered a sensitive biosphere with unique flora and fauna. This biosphere is fast disappearing with urbanization of the valley. One oasis which remains is the estate of Col. Brown School right in the midst of Doon Valley where almost 40 varieties of birds have been spotted.

Col. Brown School has been blessed with numerous resources; bountiful trees that make the place a paradise for the birds to live in with minimum disturbance and no noise pollution birds have flourished here and have brought out the true beauty of the place.

The children should be made to realize that birds are one of the most inspiring animals. It is very important for them to understand why it is so serious when a bird species declines or goes extinct. It’s the loss of a vital component, without it the whole ecosystem may fail.

Jacques Cousteav once said ”people protect what they love, love what they understand and understand what they are taught.” In today’s era of catastrophic nature loss, such education is fundamental in changing public attitude.