The old boys maintain the umbilical bond with their Alma Mater by visiting the School every October in a nostalgic mood. They go down memory lane with the present boys telling them about their times and inspiring them. The ‘CBOBA’ or the Col.Browns Old Boys Association is a proof of the effort of the school and the boys to keep the old school flag flying high.
The Founder President Lt.General Dependar Singh has taken the initiative of forming the Colonel Brown Old Boys’ Association. All ex-Brownian can contact the Association at [email protected]

Note : All Brownian who have passed out from school are requested to keep the school informed of their well being as well as their whereabouts via [email protected]

Joined School in 1930.Passed Cambridge School Certificate Exam. in 1932. Passed first from the Indian Military Academy in March, 1936. Joined School in 1927. Passed Cambridge School Certificate Exam. With Honors in 1929, at the age of 15 years. B.A. (Honors) London 1933. Passed I.C.S. Exam. in 1935.President, Indian Students Union, London,1935