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On the 11th death anniversary of our late Principal Mr. Abhai Singh we had an aero modeling workshop for the senior school presented by Mr. Arvind Gupta. . It was quite different but very interesting and added to the boy’s knowledge. We learn a lot about aero planes. We started up with paper planes and went on to radio controlled planes. We were shown many models which were quite incredible. We were told about Wright Brothers, Leonardo Da Vinci etc. We were amazed to know that highest paper plane record for flying was 18 seconds. We also learn a lot about kinetic and potential energy which was strange because Mr. Gupta is a man with a commerce background.

Mr. Gupta has proposed to introduce Aero-modeling as a hobby in school and everyone is extremely excited.

Magna est Veritas!

By Harshit Kumar

Two plants (Plumeria alba) were planted by Mrs. Indubala Singh on 11th August,2014