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Colonel Brown Cambridge School for Indian Boys was founded in March 1926, by Col. and Mrs. W. Brown, for Indian boys. It is an English Medium Residential School and is open to all boys irrespective of caste, creed or social status. The school ranks high amongst educational Institutions in India. It attracts students not only from all parts of India, but also from parents living abroad. An Irish man of repute, with an enviable record of distinguished service both in the sphere of education and the British Army, Col. William Brown retired from the Army but did not want to leave India, the country he had adopted, served and grown to love passionately.

Col. William Brown and Mrs. Brown were childless but loved children and during tours and postings ranging from North West Frontier Province to the South found time during their tenure at a particular spot to help children of Indian origin. A man of vision, he decided to devote his life to his country of adoption in the field of education. What irked Col. Brown was the attitude of the then current rulers in the disparity and discrimination practiced upon the Indian population. He released it as a fact that the British gentleman and some of his Colleagues had taken upon themselves to promote education, which was of selective nature i.e. privileged education and related facilities for their own and fast emerging Anglo Indian community.

It was under these compulsions that after having failed to break the British mindset, he teamed up with Dr. Balbir Singh an intelligent and highly educated individual wishing to promote education. With both Col. Brown and Dr. Balbir Singh being strong personalities holding independent views, this arrangement did not last very long. They sat together and discussed ways and means of overcoming their differences, but soon realized that each one of them would be better off independently. Col. William Brown along with five students moved into Dick House bearing property number 5 Dick Road, which in the year Nineteen Hundred and twenty six (1926) was up for rent or sale as Col. Dick who was the owner of the Tea Garden had died leaving behind a wife who was unable to manage the same.

The area where the school is situated and all the surrounding area of Dalanwala as well as the area across the Rispana River in those days produced Tea, which was very popular in North India. Some of the Tea Gardens still survive on the periphery of city and are worth a visit at leisure. The Motto of the School “MAGNA EST VERITAS” was the symbol and guiding light for the future generations to come. Simplicity is its beauty and translated from Latin it means “TRUTH IS GREAT”. The Crest of the school reproduced denotes initials of the school on the right hand corner on top of it is the Lion for courage, the Shamrock the National symbol from Ireland and the Torch represents the Torch of learning. The above formed the foundation on which the School was built and continues to exist.