23rd April, 2018

Formal inauguration of the newly constructed swimming pool.

‘When global warming melts the Earth, swimmers will rule’

The construction of the swimming pool at CBS began in February 2017. Though the swimming pool was ready in the month of March, it was formally inaugurated on 23th April, 2018. It is 25m by 15m and the depth extends from 4 feet to 5 feet.

The inaugural ceremony was conducted in a simple and somber manner, inside the vicinity of the swimming pool.

The opening ceremony was initiated by Col. Vivek Sharma, who kindly consented to be the Chief Guest. As an officer, he has served the country with vast experience in Mechanized Division. He is a keen sportsman and an adventurist.

The chief Guest was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers. After the ceremony of ‘cutting of ribbon’ the Chief Guest addressed the gathering. In his inspiring speech, the honourable Chief Guest motivated the students to participate in all competitions, particularly sports. He said that discipline acts like a bridge between goal and accomplishments and one learns more outside the classroom than in it!

A swimming competition was organised on the occasion. Ashish Chauhan (Std XII) stood first, Yash Parashar (Std X) came second and Ruskin Gill (Std IX) came third. The Chief Guest gave away the prizes to the proud winners.

The Headmaster, Mr. S.K. Tyagi thanked the Chief Guest for his presence and a token of appreciation was presented to him.

Tea was served to the guests.

It was a pleasant evening spent, as everyone basked in the serenity of the pool.

Swimming is no doubt an extraordinary sport- ‘It is the only sport in which the coach yells at you for breathing!’

22nd April, 2018

‘Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations’.

An Orientation Programme was organised for the parents of new admission, on 22nd April, 2018 in the Memorial Hall at 10:00 am. The aim of the Programme was to familiarize the parents with the curriculum and the co-scholastic activities at CBS.

The Programme commenced with a warm welcome to the parents by the Headmaster of the school, Mr. S.K. Tyagi. In his address he laid stress on an effective communication between parents and teachers. A good coordination between the both is essential for the ultimate all round development of the student.

He also introduced the class teachers to the parents.

The new boys in association with the old boys had prepared an entertainment progamme for their parents. The programme comprised of both English and Hindi songs, a skit on environment (it happened to be Earth Day) and a ‘Nukkad Play’. The show was appreciated by all.

‘Tea’ was served, during which the parents interacted enthusiastically with the teachers of their respective wards. The School Counselor was present to guide and assure the parents. The parents were also informed about the ‘Art of living’ programme conducted at school for the new boys.

After the programme the boys were allowed to go for outing with their parents.

It was a fruitful session.

The whole world observed Earth Day and so did we at CBS! An ‘On the Spot Painting Competition’ was organized by the Art Department on the occasion.

18th April – 76th Death Anniversary of Col. Brown

Col. Brown Cambridge School was founded by Colonel and Mrs.William Brown in 1926.

Col. W. Brown left for his heavenly abode 75 years ago on 18th April. He may be gone from our sight but He has never gone from our hearts.

As is the tradition at CBS, on 18th April, (Wednesday) the Senior Coordinator, Mr. B.R.Dutta and the Captains and Prefects visited the graveyard of Col. W. Brown and placed a wreath on his grave.

A sad day indeed!

May his soul rest in peace.

16th April, 2018

New Term commenced on 12th April with the Summer Time Table being introduced. The topics for the Mr. Phoolka Memorial Inter House English Debate Competition were put up on the Notice Board of the School for the boys to prepare themselves. The debate is scheduled to be on the 27th of April, 2018.

The boys are raring to go to their new classes, see new books and make new friends and exchange conversations and adventures they have had during their trip to various destinations like Shimla, Nainital, Dhanaulti, Tehri, Rani Chauri and Goa.

‘New Boys’ have joined CBS. We welcome them to the CBS fraternity with open arms, and as is the tradition, the ‘old boys’ will take them under their wings and help them to settle down. Also, as is the tradition at CBS, an ‘Art of Living’ programme is being organized for the ‘New boys’ to help them to settle down more comfortably.

Man is a social animal and must behave in a socially responsible way. Etiquette helps us to follow the customs of polite society. Without etiquette, education is incomplete. Classes are being introduced at CBS, where the students are being made aware of the importance of etiquette. The sessions would not only help them to adopt good mannerism but also to become good ‘future citizens’.

MID TERM 2018 (5th April to 10th April)

It has been rightly said that a student’s all round development depends on ‘nurture’ and ‘nature’. The former is provided by the School while the latter, a student attains by spending some time in the lap of nature. Hence the Mid Term Break!

Every year, in the month of April, after the Promotional Examinations, the Brownians are sent to various destinations for a ‘break’, where they get the opportunity to become a part of some camp or adventure activity.

This year, the boys of Std III to Std VIII went to Dhanaulti, Tehri, Rani Chauri, Std IX to Nainital, Std X to Shimla and Std XI to Goa.

The boys departed on 5th April and came back on 10th April. Goa trip boys got bonus of an extra day. They came back on 11th April.

Annual Prize Distribution Day 2017-2018

One of the biggest challenges that the educators face today is ‘student motivation’. Incentives can be used to motivate but partly.

Venue – Memorial Hall

Time – 7:00pm

One of the biggest challenges that the educators face today is ‘student motivation’. Incentives can be used to motivate but partly. Complete motivation that leads to innovation comes from creating environment, where ideas connect.

CBS is a perfect blend of innovation, achievement and advancement and here all are valued equally. Hence – The Annual Prize Distribution Day
Mr. William Mckay Aitken, kindly consented to be the Chief Guest for the Day.

William McKay Aitken (Bill Aitken) is a Scottish born, naturalized Indian travel writer and a mountain lover. He is the author of a number of books about India, its mountains, rivers and its steam trains.

Since the 1970s, he has lived in the hill station Mussoorie in the Lower Western. The surrounding region, especially the Garhwal Hills, has provided much of the material for his writings. His books are well loved because of their playful spirit and investigative attention to detail.

The highlights of the Function-
  • Welcome of the Chief Guest
  • Songs by the School Choir
  • The Annual Report by the Senior Coordinator, Mr. S.C. Pande
  • Prize Distribution
  • Investiture Ceremony
  • Chief Guest’s Address
  • National Anthem
  • Annual Dinner


Designation Principal House Bursar House Headmaster House
CAPTAIN Sumrit Guglani Jaskaran Singh Shubh Yadav
PREFECT Yash Chaudhary Vaibhav Vashishtha Nakshatra Chauriha


I Shantavya Semwal
II Swarnakamal Dutta
III Sumit Kumar
IV Akshat Maheshwari Ashwin Upra Prithviraj Singh Chauhan
V Jaskaran Singh Parv Banga Rahul Anand
VI Eklavya Kumar Aditya Raj Deepak Bhardwaj
VII A Vedic Verma Shaurya Jeet Singh Abhigyan Upadhyay
VIII A Mrinangshu Sengupta Das Aditya Aryan Shivam Kumar
VIII B Dhru Pratap Singh Debjit Shah Devesh Vashishta
IX A Sivanont Sachdeva Bhuvan Maheshwari Pradeep Yadav
IX B Samridha Garg Tanish Poddar Aditya Saini
XI SCIENCE Nitin Shah Shubh Yadav Ashish Chauhan
XI COMMERCE Jaskaran Singh Nakshatra Chauriha Anuj Yadav


  • Eklavya kumar.
  • Agastya Gupta.
  • Harshit Dhayma.
  • Deepak Bhardwaj.
  • Rudra Raj Singh.



Highest Aggregate Prep School – Eklavya Kumar

Highest Aggregate Senior School – Mrinangshu Sengupta Das


  • Junior School – Eklavya Kumar
  • Senior school – Ayush Mittal


Annual Inter House Quiz Competition 2017- 2018

A Quiz is a game which can also be called ‘Mind Sport’, wherein players, either as individuals or in team, attempt to answer questions posed to them. Every year, in the month of April, Annual Inter House Quiz Competition is organized at CBS, both for the juniors and the seniors.

Its objective is to motivate students to look beyond their textual knowledge. It is not only promotes a ‘fun way’ to study but also encourages students to ‘think out of the box.’

This year all the three Houses, (Principal House, Bursar House & Headmaster house) were represented by four members each. The competition was held in two phases – Junior Quiz and Senior Quiz.

The Junior Quiz Competition was held at 9:30am whereas the Senior Quiz Competition was held at 11:30 am.

The School was divided into four teams

  • Senior Section- Team-A (Classes IX & XI) & Team-B (Std VIII).
  • Junior Section- Team-C (Classes VI & VII) & Team-D (Classes IV & V).

Needless to mention that the Competition was tough but it always is when the teams pitted are equally strong. Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. Win or lose, what important is that you do it fairly!



Principal House 265 1st
Headmaster House 240 2nd
Bursar House 235 3rd

The Trophy was awarded to – Principal House

News Update 2nd April

For the last two months (February & March), the environment at CBS has been highly strung, with Board Examinations and Promotional Examinations going on simultaneously. But here at CBS priorities are set and clear. Academics have and will always be top priority; however it also made sure that ‘Jack’ does not become a ‘dull boy’!

All the Examinations being over, it is fun time now! Mid – Term break is from 5th April to 10th April. But before the boys depart for various destinations (for Mid – Term), on 3rd April, ‘The Annual Inter House Quiz Competition’ is being organized for both the Junior and Senior boys.

Deserving candidates would be awarded for excelling in various fields, in the Academic year 2017-2018.

The Annual Prize Distribution is on 4th April.