Col. Brown Cambridge School wins Capta Caelum at Wynberg Allen School Mussoorie

The school went and participated in Capta Caelum (Annual cultural festival) held at Wynberg Allen School Mussoorie on Saturday the 16th September 2016. The boys participated and won the overall champion ship and lifted the trophy by gaining the maximum points. Some of the categories were Music, Art, Play, Headgear Design, Website making etc. It was a great going at Mussoorie as the boys had recently won the Mile Stone Festival at St. Georges College Mussoorie. Our compliments to all the participants for performing so well. Kudos to our Music and Art teacher for preparing the boys to face challenges and win them as well.

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Weekly update (8/9/17)

The week began with the boys discussing and planning the Teacher’s day programme.  Along with the preparation of teacher’s day programme, the council football matches continued.. The teacher’s day programme was on 4th September 2017 at 7:00 pm. All the boys participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The programme consisted of plays, dances, songs and mime.  At intervals clippings on the life of Dr.Radha Krishnan were shown by the boys. The audience loved the programme. A grand feast had been organized for the boys and teachers.  To top it up Madam Proctor declared Holiday for children the next day. The boys were overjoyed.

The Senior Football team reached the finals of the tournament. The school lost to Moravian Institute by 1-0 and stood runners up.

The Inter House Elocution is eagerly awaited. It is on Saturday the 9th September. Each House is trying its best and is busy practicing hard to get the trophy.