Weekly News

Rhetorical receptiveness and literary understanding was what echoed through the campus as the boys participated in the Essay competition on Saturday. Std.XI boys went for their monthly town leave on 19th March 2017. The campus saw another ebullient activity with parents, visitors and children coming for entrance test. CBS looks forward with ardent hope as the Brownian’s shall continue to rise and shine.

WEB NEWS (19/3/17)

The brief pause was again resumed with boys returning from night out. Animation workshop was held on Saturday enlightening student on the use of VFX in Movies. As the boys had been preparing for the PT competition, it was expected of them to do extremely well. They in fact did better than expected with a cut throat competition. Headmaster House won the trophy by 5 points followed by Principal House and Bursar House. Kunal Yadav got the word of command cup.

This week also marked the 91st Founders day of the school on St. Patrick’s Day i.e. 17th March. Souvenirs were distributed to all the members of the staff and students to make the event a memorable one.

A special lunch was also arranged making us all blow, the glory and triumphs of Col. William Brown on planting this seed of which we are proud to be a part of.

Weekly Update

A steady balance of academics, co-curriculum and sports builds a student’s character and personality at CBS. One cannot sit idle simply doing nothing. The week began with Inter House Cricket Tournament where the boys put in their best. Though a stiff competition amongst all three houses was seen. Headmaster House won the Inter House Cricket Competition. Std. X began with the board examination on 10th March. With the end of the cricket season boys began with the preparation for the PT competition.

Inter House English Elocution was held on Saturday (11/3/17) morning. Headmaster House won the Competition with Harsh Agarwal being adjudged as the Best speaker of the English Elocution.

With the busy rush of activities coming to a pause , boys are excited for the night out on Holi.

On behalf of the Brownian family , we wish you all a very happy and safe Holi.

It snowed in Musoorie after a long time in the middle of the March.


Boys finished up with their second monthly trials with positive reactions coming from teachers on their performance. Results are awaited.

Board examinations for Std.XII commenced on 1st March. The school wished them best of Luck and the junior school gave them adorable good luck cards. Handwriting competitions results were declared.

The school now eagerly waits for Sunday as we will be going to see a film in town.

English elocution is round the corner and the boys are practicing diligently.

On Saturday the 4th March 2017 Kunal Yadav of Std. XI was appointed the school cricket captain for the year 2017-2018.

On Saturday the 4th March 2017 during the activity time a workshop on COMPOSTING was organized by NGO PRAMUK. The children were told about the composting of leaves with the help of organic culture. Mr.Paramjeet Singh Kakkar addressed the boys and made them aware  about the composting and waste management and then the children were taken to the site where we have made enclosures and were shown practically how to put the leaves and spray them with water and culture. Mrs.Florence Pandhi, Mrs.Kumar and Brigadier Behal also interacted with the children.

Waster warrior volunteers supervised boys from Class VIII, IX and XI to clean part of the Guava orchard. It is also a weekly activity when these volunteers from Waste warrior come to school and hold workshops or make children do some kind of social activity.

On Sunday the 5th March the School went to see a film at Silver City (Commando 2).

On 7th March 2017 the basic work for the laying  of synthetic Tennis Court began.