This is good news for Brownians , Bhoomi Pujan  was performed  on  the 24th February 2017 for constructing a swimming pool. The School has decided to construct a swimming pool and God willing shall be ready for use by the July term.

Also the School plans to lay out a synthetic tennis court ready for use also by July term.


The school reopened on the 30th of January 2017 but the boys of Std.XII (Science) had already reached school on 25th January 2017, to prepare for their Board practicals. The boys appeared for their Chemistry and Psychology practicals.

CBS does not believe in shifting gears, from the first day itself, CBS came alive with its scheduled time table. While XII and X have become busy preparing for their Board Examinations, rest of the boys are preparing for their 2nd Monthly trials, which are scheduled from 17th February 2017 to 28th February 2017.

As for other activities, we have had our hand writing competition on Saturday the 4th February.

In November 2016 our school had participated in a competition organized by Rama Krishna Mission. Our boys won prizes which are mentioned below:

Vaibhav Singhania English Essay writing -3rd, English Declamation – 1st
Mukul Yadav English Declamation- 3rd
Priya Raj English Essay writing- 1st, English Declamation – 3rd
Harshit Kumar English Declamation- 3rd

Inter House cricket is scheduled to begin from 10th February 2017. This is all, for now. Will be in touch and keep you updated.