On Saturday (14th May 2016) Inter House Basket Ball tournament commenced. It was a five day tournament and the final was played on 18th May. The overall trophy was awarded to Bursar House. The best player award in Team C went to Tushar Lakhotia , Team B –Taranjet Singh . Team A –Kunal Yadav . The Best player award of the tournament went to Awdesh Gairola

The Trophy of Inter House Hockey Tournament was awarded the same day to Principal House. But best player award in Team C went to Kartik Saini,Team B –Rohit Randhawa, Team A – Kabir Pal Sing Mann.

On 19th May Inter House Music Competition was held. Boys took part in solo, duet and group performances. The trophy was begged by Headmaster House.

On 20th May, summer vacations started. Boys left the school in the morning for a two months break. We wish safe journey to the boys going to Europe.

Happy Holidays Brownian’s. Meet you after the vacations.


  1. On Monday the 9th of April 2016 Inter House English letter writing competition was conducted for the seniors. Topics were given at the spot. Results are awaited.
  2. On Wednesday the 11th of April 2016 Inter House Hockey tournament commenced. All the three houses played hard to win the tournament but at last the Inter Hockey Trophy was won by Principal House.
  3. On Tuesday the 12th of April 2016 Inter House English Elocution was conducted. There were individual and choral recitations were there. The trophy was won by Headmaster House. Mrignangshu Sen Gupta was adjudged as the best speaker of the contest.


The Col. Brown Cambridge School celebrated an incredible and unforgettable summer fest on the 6th and 7th of May, 2016.

The gala event became exhilarating as the ICSE and ISC results were declared. The school rocked with laughter as the boys heard about the hundred percent result with Harshit Kumar scoring 96%.

The fest focused on young minds to come together, integrate and become a part of the larger culture adding to the school’s heritage.

The two days programme was the blend of cultural and sports event. It was a fun show which show cased the competitive spirit of the participants. The school has been celebrating these summer festivals to give a boost to the students and make them attempt to organize, participate, set rules, have fun and be responsible at the same time.

One of the highlights was the Kite flying , CBS children rolled back the clock to the days of the Nawabs. It was amazing to see the kites above the birds, above the trees.

Painting (water, oil, marble, fabric, cartoon, charcoal) and Photography were very popular at the fest, Done Singh of class XII quoted Vincent Van Gogh ‘ The only time I feel alive when I am painting’ Children with camera said it was wonderful to capture the subjects which were given in riddles.

The Hospitality industry could pick up children from C.B.S for their best Hotels as they cooked mouth watering dishes.

Children were also busy with mini cricket, treasure hunt, housie, futsal, khokho , many other fun filled games.

The evening extravaganza entertained the audience with a play, music and dance followed by D.J hour.


ICSE (Science)
Highest -Harshit Kumar 96%
5 boys above 90%
9 boys above 80% to 89%
13 boys above 70% to 79%
2 boys above 60% to 69%
2 boys above 50% to 59%

ICSE (Commerce)
Highest- Shubham Tyagi- 89.4%
8 boys above 80% to 89%
5 boys above 70% to 79%
3 boys above 60% to 69%

ISC (Science)
Highest Aauyush Prakash- 88.25%
4 boys above 80% to 89%
6 boys above 70% to 79%
3 boys above 60% to 69%
2 boys above 50% to 59%

ISC (Commerce)
Highest -Jobandeep Singh-82%
2 boys above 80% to 89%
2 boys above 70% to 79%
3 boys above 60% to 69%
6 boys above 50% to 59%

The result for ICSE and ISC was 100% for the year 2016.

Campus News

On 5th April 2016 boys were allotted their new Houses. There was lot of hustle and bustle in the school. The boys were excited to change their houses.

On 6th April an Inter House Quiz competition was conducted. The boys were divided into four groups. There was an audio visual round and rapid fire round. The questions asked were related to politics, sports, history and general knowledge. The audio visual round was enjoyed the most by the boys. There were questions for the audience too. Bursar House was the overall winner.

It was 8th April when the boys set off on their midterm break. The prep school went to Rajaji National Park , VIII went to Uttarkashi, IX to New Tehri and Musoorie, Class X to Nainital and class XII to Goa. The Goa trip was eventful .The boys came back rejuvenated for a fresh term.

The cricket Team participated in the 1st P.C.Batta Memorial cricket Tournament organized by Kasiga School. The school lost in the first round.
On Monday the 18th April Mr.S.C.Pande, Mr.G.P.Dhyani and Mr.Ravi Chauhan went to the cemetery to place a wreath On Col. Brown’s grave on his 74th Death Anniversary.

The Annual day was celebrated on 23rd April.Dr.Sadanand Date (SSP Dehra Dun) graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The programme started with a Welcome song followed by Investiture ceremony. New Captains and Prefects were appointed. The senor coordinator Mr.S.C.Pande read the annual report. Academic results were announced. Sanglome Done Singh was awarded the best all rounder. Vaibhav Singhania got the highest aggregate in senior school. Mrignangshu Sen Gupta got the highest aggregate in junior school. The Academic trophy was awarded to Bursar House. The programme concluded with a sit down dinner on the “C” field.
On 25th April Mr.Phoolka Memorial Inter House English debate was conducted. The trophy was bAgged by the Headmaster House.

The school cricket team is participating in Doon Times Shield Inter School cricket Tournament organized by Times of India. We lost to Aryan School in Quarter Finals.

The festive mood is in the air and the boys of Std.XII are busy in organizing the Summer Fest ‘2016 which is scheduled on 6th and 7th May. There should be much fun and frolic.