It was a joyous 88th Founder’s Day at Col. Brown School

 Col. Brown School celebrated with much gusto on Sunday its 88th Founder’s Day. It was a special occasion for 300 plus boys who all tried to excel and vied with one another in enacting their respective assignments to the best of their ability. Almost every boy was given a role to perform and each one carried it out with perfection as his dotting parents watched with a glint of pride in their eyes. Mr Satyavrat Bansal, former director general of police, was the chief guest and took the salute at the March Past.
What appeared very remarkable was the high quality and wide range of co-curricular activities in which the boys are routinely engaged in. Imagine, the boys excelling in making cushions and their covers, other furnishing articles and even doing knitting, generally the exclusive preserve of the girls. Numerous works of fine art including landscapes, portraits, acrylic on canvas, water colours, thread painting, block/charcoal printing etc that were on display spoke volumes of the boys’ amazing talent; some of the paintings were so good that one could easily suspect these to have been done by professional artists.
On display were also several designs done by computer graphics, posters and even book covers. Other attractive exhibits were sculptures done via metal-casting, beautiful pottery pieces, and several other items of handicrafts based on traditional tribal art. All the pottery pieces were carved and baked by the boys themselves. The art teacher Bidyut Dutta looked visibly proud of the handiwork of his boys, even though it is his first academic session at the school. The meticulous display of works in various art forms looked attractive. Mr Bansal, who was taken around the various exhibitions by school’s Proctor Ms Indubala Singh, was greatly impressed by the amazingly high quality of the products on display.
A fascinating project was on “The Versatile Rubber” in which Class V children illustrated the journey of the rubber from the tree to the factory, highlighting its multiple uses and applications. The Class IV project took the viewer to the Mars and convinced him that the second smallest planet in the Solar System possessed both water and energy source. The children seemed excited at the prospects of Mars becoming a habitable planet like the Mother Earth. The Class III children went one better by creating a world of unique creatures underneath the sea. It was pointed out that oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface and its denizens include coral reefs, sea grass meadows, seamounts, crabs, giant squids etc
Spectacular March Past
The March Past by the boys was spectacular indeed. Mr Bansal, who took the salute, seemed much impressed by their smart turnout and rhythm. No wonder then that the school has always annexed the March Past trophy every year at the DDSA. Yoga and games are being given the prime importance in which Brownians have shown their prowess time and again.
There were two very interesting plays at the Tamarind Theatre. “The Cobbler and the Elves” was an entertaining musical play that ended with an exhilarating feeling of positivity and cheerfulness. The Hindi play “Ghasi Ram Kotwal” by Vijay Tendulkar depicted the exploitation perpetrated by powerful people. Swagat Bela Aaj Aye based on Raga Hans Dhwani struck the emotional chords of the audience. The school band rocked to the utmost enjoyment of the children. The teacher in charge later confided that “we absolutely believe that the teacher and the taught have to connect with love and when they do so, everyone and everything blossoms.” And I believed her after having witnessed the incredible performances by the children.
Tyagi is a 24X7 headmaster
Much of the credit for the current turnaround in the school’s exceptional performance both in the academics and co-curricular fields goes to SK Tyagi who took over as its headmaster four years ago. Tyagi has been a long time staffer at the school having joined it 38 years ago in July 1976. “Truthfully, Tyagi is a 24X7 headmaster and actively involved in almost everything that happens in the school,” confided a teacher. However, it is an open secret on the campus that it is Ma’am Indubala Singh, though formally called a ‘Proctor’, who is the woman behind this terrific improvement in the fortunes and the reputation of the school in almost every field of activity.
Founded in 1926, Col. Brown School is the oldest residential boys’ school in Dehra Dun. It has made tremendous progress over the past 88 years and is today ranked as one of the best boys’ schools in the country. With an expansive campus spread over 22 acres, it boasts of several large playgrounds and 10 boarding houses. Its theatre named Tamarind has well equipped projection rooms, activity rooms, green rooms etc. Its students have over the years excelled both in academics and co-curricular activities. In fact, the preferred choice of many of the students in the earlier years used to be the armed forces. Several of its alumni rose to become generals, senior bureaucrats and corporate executives. Most well known of school’s alumnus was India’s former Prime Minister VP Singh who was in the school from 1944 to 1949. Today with the changing priorities and newer job profiles, the Brownians have found niche positions in large number of emerging industries both in India and abroad.