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On the 21st of August, 2014, Atul Sharma of Standard XII participated in the T.W. Phillips Inter- School English Debate at Wynberg – Allen School, Mussoorie. The School stood first in the debate which was a three round competition.

In the first round, Colonel Brown was paired up with Musoorie International School and qualified for round two while speaking against the motion of the House which stated “The present generation is much more honest than those before it.”

Round two was based on the parliamentary format of the debate and Atul was teamed up with Mussorie International School and Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School (girl). He spoke against the motion of the House which stated this: “Voting should be made compulsory in India” and also handled the rebuttal for his team. Barely managing to scrape through to the third and final round along with Mussoorie International School,
St. George`s College and Unison World School, Atul Sharma won the third round (and debate) while speaking against the motion of the house which stated that “ it should be legal in India for women to carry firearms.”
A question was asked by the judge as well in this round.
Brownian`s proved once again that they are just as deadly at the lectern as they are on the fields!

Magna est Veritas

By – Harshit Kumar