News & Events

After two month long summer break the boys are back full of zeal and enthusiasm. The School reopened on 21st July and boys were seen entering the school gate with mixed feelings, but seeing their friends, they soon settled down discussing and relating their various holiday experiences.

Regular school began the next day that is on 22nd July. Hobby classes as well as regular games commenced too.
The Football season began with a friendly match between the staff and Std.XII, the staff won by 8-6 , again proving that experience counts a lot.

The games time has been increased to eighty minutes and boys have been allowed to play football even if it is raining.

Good news- no morning PT till further notice (due to inclement weather conditions)
In the Assembly there has been a welcome change. English prayers have been introduced. National Anthem is also sung everyday during Assembly.

New desks and tiled floors can be seen in the old block. It is raining cats and dogs here but cannot dampen the spirit of CBS.