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“You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.”

Debate is one of the academic activities that give students creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparalled.

CBS has set the benchmark for conducting activities in such a way that the students not only enjoy but also learn a great deal from it. With the same perspective in view, the Phoolka Memorial Inter-House Debate Competition was held in commemoration of Late Mr. Phoolka.

The choice of topics was commendable Group 1: ‘Students should be allowed to use Mobile phones and other Electronic Devices during school’; Group 2: ‘How has Television brought culture decadence in our country’; Group3: ‘Are violent games contributing to violence in the world today?’

Some participants argued for the motion and some against the motion. The teams were well prepared and they made their arguments more emphatic with right facial expressions and gestures. The result tabulation is as follows:

                       Individual Positions

                                           Group 1                 Group 2                      Group 3

Best Speaker:       Prateek Chandel     Rudra Raj              Parv Banga

Overall Best Speaker:  Parv Banga

        House Positions

First: Principal House

Second: Bursar House

Third: Headmaster House

Overall winner house: Principal House