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I am back” says Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “The Terminator”. These words have become an inseparable part of his personality. We are back too after a long and refreshing break of two months.

The school reopened on Saturday the 30th January’2016. Within a day or two the school was buzzing and humming. The boys poured out their holiday experiences and shared their thoughts.

The boys of std. X and Std. XII are in a sober mood knowing that they have to face the Board Examination.

The ISC Examinations commenced on 6th February, where as the Std.X will face the first paper on 29th February. Best of luck boys and May God be with you. Not to forget that God helps those, who help themselves.

Last year in the month of November the boys who participated in the annual competition conducted by Ramakrishna Mission Ashram brought some prizes.

Inter House Handwriting competition was held on 6th February’2016 and the results are still awaited.

The cricket fever has gripped the Nation and so is the case at school. The boys have begun practicing for The Inter House Cricket Tournament.

Second monthly Examination is round the corner (20th to 29th February).

The boys of Headmaster House, Dick House and McIntosh House are anxiously waiting for the 6th March (Sunday). It is a movie day. “Lets” hope that it is not cancelled, like the Saturday movies Fingers crossed. (Because of the trials round the corner)