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On the cold and rainy morning of 5th August 2017 (Saturday), 30 boys boarded the bus for Mussoorie to participate in the biggest Festival of the district “MILESTONE” organized by St. Georges College, Mussoorie. The participants did not have the slightest idea of how the day would pass. During the course of the day, boys were awestruck, mesmerized and captivated by the enthralling performances.

Be it Music , Art, Dance, quiz or tan duo comedy, the cut throat competition posed by more than twenty schools (including two schools from Rajasthan) was overwhelming. While the event took place one by one, the excitement and ecstasy doubled. Then came the time for the declaration of results. We had butterflies in our stomach. We were proud of what we had achieved. When the boys heard the name of St. Joseph Academy as the first runner up, we knew History was to be created as they had been the reigning champions since past seven years. The Hall was silent and even the heart beats could be heard but what came next was the biggest astonishment to all. Col. Brown Cambridge School was the winner of the seventeenth Milestone festival 2017. We were numb, we were dumb founded. We cried, We cheered, because for the first time, the participants had won the milestone trophy.