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It has been rightly said that a student’s all round development depends on ‘nurture’ and ‘nature’. The former is provided by the School while the latter, a student attains by spending some time in the lap of nature. Hence the Mid Term Break!

Every year, in the month of April, after the Promotional Examinations, the Brownians are sent to various destinations for a ‘break’, where they get the opportunity to become a part of some camp or adventure activity.

This year, the boys of Std III to Std VIII went to Dhanaulti, Tehri, Rani Chauri, Std IX to Nainital, Std X to Shimla and Std XI to Goa.

The boys departed on 5th April and came back on 10th April. Goa trip boys got bonus of an extra day. They came back on 11th April.