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The grand Col. Brown School celebrated its 91st Annual Day on 26th November, 2017.

The school was deeply honoured as Mr. Gaurav Dayal, an I.A.S. officer, an alumnus of the school consented to be the Chief Guest.

The Annual Day boasted of uniqueness, creativity, passion and vibrancy. There was an array of events and activities.

For the 5th consecutive year Col. Brown School won the trophy for the March Past at the Dehra Dun District Sports Association. The synchronised swing of arms and the absolute military precision with which the Brownians marched was a feast to the eyes and ears. The
P.T., the Gymnastics and the Yoga on the lush green fields of the school were enthralling. The children said that P.T. gave them an elevated mood which contributed to an “I can do it” attitude and it helped the students approach new tasks as challenges and not obstacles.

The Brownian Western Band left everybody mesmerised and had everyone rocking and swinging with numbers like I’m yours’, ‘See you again’ and Sufi song ‘Kun Faya Kun’. Meri
Pyari Ammi was dedicated to all the mothers present there. For them in school, playing and singing together creates an emotional bond that lasts forever.

The English play ‘The Lion King’ was fascinating and one realized that in this circle of life Humans and Animals can live in harmony with each other without worries.

The Hindi Play अपना अपना भाग्य was much appreciated by all. It portrayed an undiminished contrast between the rich and the poor.

To the boys to be creative means to be in love with life and dance. The fusion dance and the dance performed by Gaurav Bhatia held everyone captive.

The Memorial Hall had the most wonderful display of paintings and craft work. The projects by the Junior School on Rajasthan, Trees and Christmas and the Senior School project on “Taj Mahal” was breathtaking. The projects on science were extremely knowledgeable.

One really enjoyed some magical moments in the oldest boarding school of Dehra Dun.

The children said that the talents they demonstrated were the proof that they had the potentiality to be the useful citizens of the future.

Being one of the oldest schools and having established very fine traditions, Col. Brown School is extremely spirited and energetic, full of bright and innovative ideas, willing to embrace challenges and courageous in undertaking reforms in pursuit of excellence.

The school has cultivated a happy and motivating environment.

The school instills in everybody that he is the world`s most valuable resource and is the best hope for the future.