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Elocution is one of the literary activities that gives students creative room to express through expression and articulation. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparallel. CBS hosted the Inter-House English Elocution Competition on March 9, 2019. The competition was split into three groups:

Group 1                               Class 11

Group 2                               Classes 8 and 9 and

Group 3                               Classes 6 and 7

The groups were further subdivided into two categories, Individual and Choral

The competition was adjudged by the school English Department on various parameters like Delivery, Presentation, Poise, Pronunciation and Overall Effect.

The results are as follows:

  • Best Speakers Group 1:    DevKashyap and Arpan Khawas
  • Best Speaker Group 2:      Ditya Raj
  • Best Speakers Group 3:    Shubh Mulasi and Sahil Mishra
  • Overall Best Speakers       DevKashyap and Arpan Khawas
  • Best Choral Group 2:         Bursar House
  • Best Choral Group 3: ­        Principal House
  • Overall Winner House:    Headmaster House

The winners of the competition in various groups and categories were awarded the Overall Winner Trophy, Certificates and Prizes by the Headmaster.

The students took part with great enthusiasm and it was indeed a treat to hear them come out with their unique and fearless oration.