Hobby classes such as Painting, Woodwork, Drama, Photography and Music are held in the evening. This helps in bringing out the innate talents of the child, be it Vocal/ Instrumental or otherwise. All school activities are organized through the “House” system. The students are divided into three Houses – Principal, Headmaster and Bursar. Inter House Competitions are run in the field of Sports: Hockey, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton and other indoor games. The same format is maintained in co-curricular activities: Dramatics, Music, Art, Debates, Elocution, Quiz and Essay Competitions etc.

In the Senior School the boys reside in the House they belong to under the supervision of a House Master, but in the Prep. Section no such division is made and a Matron is in-charge of all the boys. All boys, unless excused on medical grounds, are required to play games. Excellent facilities are provided for Hockey, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton and Yoga and Taekwondo. There are nine playing fields, two Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, etc., one boxing ring and two Tennis and two Badminton Courts. Provision for indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom and Chess are also made.