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Col Brown’s celebrates its 89th Annual Function with bonhomie

Col. Brown School one of the oldest boarding schools in North India and one of the well known institutions in the country celebrated its 89th Annual Function on 30th November, 2015. The School had built a name for itself at the time of Independence and had become renowned today with children coming from all over.

At present the school is known for its discipline, academic achievements and has excelled in sports.

The Chief Guest at the function was Mr.Ashok kumar I.P.S Additional Director General Intelligence and Security Uttrakhand, Dehra Dun.

The highlight of the evening was ‘ZUMBA’ a dance fitness programme created by Columbian dancer Alberto “Beto” Prez. The school and the audience rocked as the children danced the Zumba.

It was exhilarating to see the boys marching on the lush green fields with precision and absolute synchronization. Col Brown’s has been awarded a trophy for their March Past numerous times by The Dehra Dun Districts of Sports Association. Aerobics, Yoga and P.T were done with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm as it rejuvenates them, develop their character and gives them good health which is essential for improving the quality of one’s life.

The School’s western band had everyone rocking and swinging. Every note played or sung was passionate and stirred emotion.

The dances had a touch of magic and brought in a fresh dose of creativity .

Entering the Memorial hall it was wonderful to see the beautiful charts, pottery items , paintings and the handwork done by the children. The projects on Railways, Whales and Auspicious plants were breathtaking.

There was a rousing participation in the state of Art Tamarind theatre where throughout the year events like Elocution, Debates and dramatics go on.

The children sang “SATH MILKAR” to express their joy at the arrival of their parents. The English play by the junior school was extremely entertaining and sent a message to everyone that they should be punished if they litter and not look after their surroundings.” TAJMAHAL KA TENDER” put up by the senior school was full of action and suspense and left the audience spells bound.

One wondered how there was perfection in everything and was told that the golden words of courage were etched in every child’s mind

“If I cannot run, I will walk, If I cannot walk, I will crawl, But I will get there”.

The events were highly entertaining and enjoyable and the participants left everyone in the audience inspired,

The school radiated dynamism. They do not believe in tomorrows and yesterdays. It is today which is important

I could almost hear Lord Byron’ the days of our youth are the days of our glory’.