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The Col. Brown’s old boys meet was held in school on 11th November, 2017. Holding key positions of influence and covering the globe the alumni have been contributing to the development of the society, positively.

The meet has been great importance as it gives the opportunity to the children to meet the alumni and enables the alumni to familiarize themselves with the development of their alma matar. The old boys were extremely excited to play on the synthetic lawn tennis court which was recently inaugurated and were delighted to see the beautiful swimming pool coming up on the campus.

The knowledge imparted and talks given to the boys had a huge impact on the young minds and it was rightly voiced out by a student that the alumni endeavors to uphold good morals which act as an inspiration to them. The children thanked them profusely for giving them their amazing support and valuable time.

Col Brown School ready to celebrate its 91st year enjoys a tremendous student experience, very successful faculty, a supportive campus learning environment and a tremendous alumni who have been the message bearers and actual image creators of the school.

The essay competition managed by CBOBA (Col. Brown’s Old Boys Association) is used by the school to build confidence, develop writing skills, support creativity and encourage critical thinking for the young boys to become global citizens.

The young winners showed boundless imagination and the presentation by Harshit Kumar of class XII was astounding.

As music touches the soul and spirit of Col. Brown School, the old and new rocked the school with some powerful and catchy numbers as it helped the old boys to rememorize their good memories of the school.

The day ended with an elaborate fete. It was an amazing evening sipping and savoring fabulous drinks and food with awesome games, stalls, sweets, music and much more.

It really was a fun-filled Saturday spent with the alumni.