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August 16, 2014

On the 11th death anniversary of our late Principal Mr. Abhai Singh we had an aero modeling workshop for the senior school presented by Mr. Arvind Gupta. . It was quite different but very interesting and added to the boy’s knowledge. We learn a lot about aero planes. We started up with paper planes and went on to radio controlled planes. We were shown many models which were quite incredible. We were told about Wright Brothers, Leonardo Da Vinci etc. We were amazed to know that highest paper plane record for flying was 18 seconds. We also learn a lot about kinetic and potential energy which was strange because Mr. Gupta is a man with a commerce background.

Mr. Gupta has proposed to introduce Aero-modeling as a hobby in school and everyone is extremely excited.

Magna est Veritas!

By Harshit Kumar

Two plants (Plumeria alba) were planted by Mrs. Indubala Singh on 11th August,2014

Phoolka Memorial Inter – House English Debate Competition

August 16, 2014

On the Saturday,9 August 2014, Brownian’s argued for their House at the English Debate Competition. The debate was more interesting this time because it was the students who wrote it themselves and the topics had been handed to them just four days before the competition.

Groups I spoke on the topic “Super electronic advancement in all walks of life will lead us to a world devoid of lively relationship and active life.” Best speaker in the Group was Atul Sharma (Std. XII- Headmaster House).

Group II spoke for and against the motion “there is no such thing as equality between sexes.” Best Speaker in Group II went to Harshit Khatri (Std. IX – Principal House).

Group III debate on the motion “Mobile phones are not good for us.” The Best Speaker from this Group went to Akash Swaroop (Std. VII- Headmaster House).

The English Debate Trophy went to the Headmaster House, with Principal House finishing a close second and Bursar House third. The Best Speaker of the English Debate was Atul Sharma (Headmaster House).

The shield for the Debate (Hindi and English combined) went to Headmaster House, Principal House second and Bursar House stood third. The best speaker of the Hindi and English debate combined went to Atul Sharma. (Headmaster House)

The thrill of the competition was unbeatable and it is moments like these that Brownian’s always strive to recreate . We will be looking forward to many more similar , if not better, debates in the future.


August 16, 2014

On 6th August, 2014 all the Brownians were overwhelmed by the exciting programme of spic macay based on carnatic music voiced by melodious Sudha Raghu Raman. It was enjoyable and all of us learnt a lot about traditional south Indian music. The programme started at 7:30 pm in the memorial hall. We all asked questions and also sang with ma’am. This programme was a great change for us and brought us out of our daily routine and helped us to gain knowledge about our own culture. The concert ended at 8:30 pm. It was a great experience for all of us and before I went to sleep the only thought in my mind was MUSIC HAS NO BOUNDS TO LANGUAGE.

Magna est Veritas!
By Harshit Kumar

Lala`s Reign Ends

August 16, 2014

The July – November 2014 term began in a Colonel Brown Cambridge School without a Lala, a day that many had feared. All of us had received an SMS from our Headmaster advising us to bring cash that we could deposit at the school`s new coffee shop.
We saw an array of new things such as patties, strudels, pizzas, burgers and much more. This was definitely a change for the better.

Students all over the campus say that they definitely miss ‘Lala’ but not the attitude that he came with. The overall response to the change is positive and as a Brownian, it gives me immense joy to see my fellow Brownians are happy!

Magna est Veritas
By Atul Sharma

Yoga Championship

September 3, 2013

The Uttrakhand Yoga Championship was held on Monday (2/9/13). Ten boys participated and seven were awarded the following medals

  1. Mrinanshu Sen IV, Abhinav Tripathi VIII, Archis Kansal X (Gold in Artistic event)
  2. Arinidam Tumaria VI, Aman Tyagi VIII ( Silver in Artistic event)
  3. Shivam Kuma IVr, Santanu Pundir XII ( Bronze in Yoga Asana)



Football Seven a side

August 26, 2013

A football tournament for under fifteen years seven a side was organised by Summer Valley School, Dehra Dun. Twelve teams participated. The Final was played on 24th August between Col Brown School and Indian Public School. Col. Brown School lifted the trophy (4-3).

15 August, 2013

August 22, 2013

The flag was hoisted on 15th August by the Head master Mr. S.K. Tyagi. No cultural event  / celebration was conducted in sympathy and  keeping in mind the devastation caused in the upper regions of Uttarakhand.

11th August

August 22, 2013

A Physics workshop for Std VIII to XII was conducted by Dr. Marwah and Dr. Tyagi on the 11th of  August 2013. Experiments related to wave motion, colour Spectrum and electricity were demonstrated.

Phoolka Memorial

August 22, 2013

The Phoolka Memorial Inter House English debate was held on 10th of August, 2013. The topics for the senior and the middle section were” Rape laws in India are outdated.” and “Animals should not be used for doing medical research ” The junior boys highlighted the benefits of vocational training over academics, and the impact of movies on the younger generation. The Inter House Debate Trophy was won by Bursar House.

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