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SUPW: Cleaning Campaign

October 10, 2018

Early morning of 10th October students got going with the cleaning campaign in the school campus. With teachers on duty and students divided into groups in different zones, the campaign was initiated. With a true civic sense and a feeling of belongingness all the students took pride in accomplishing the task religiously.

Inter- School G.K. Quiz ‘Quintessence’

October 6, 2018

Summer Valley School organized an Inter- School G.K. Quiz ‘Quintessence’ on October 6, 2018. Eight renowned schools of the town participated. Garvit Jain, Samriddh Garg and Dhruv Pratap Singh represented Col. Brown School. Shemford School bagged the overall winner trophy whereas Summer Valley and RIMC were proclaimed the first and the second runners-up.


October 4, 2018

Colonel  Brown Cambridge School team participated in the  District Gymnastic Competition organized by District Gymnastic Association, Dehradun held at Welham Boys’ School. The Under 14 and Under 17 teams of our school secured the Runner-up position in team event. The individual positions are:

Under 17:

  1. Mayank Kumar                                              Second Position in Vaulting Horse
  2. Mrinangshu Sen Gupta Das                         Second Position in Floor Exercise
  3. Dhruv Pratap                                                 Third Position in Floor Exercise
  4. Mohd. Rashad                                                Third Position in Vaulting Horse

Under 12:

  1. Udit Sherawat                                                Second Position in Vaulting Horse
  2. Udit Sherawat                                               Third Position in Floor Exercise

Perhaps, it is a proud moment for the school as the Under 17 Boys have qualified for the State Games as well.


October 4, 2018

The month of September saw another event on calendar, the Inter- House Football Tournament. It was a three days’ event played by the houses split into three groups A, B and C.
Bursar House scored 7 points, Principal House scored 8 points and Headmaster House took the lead by 10 points and bagged the trophy.


October 2, 2018

2nd.October, birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi better known as Father of the Nation is observed as a National Day in India. In the fond memory of the legend, students painted a spectacular Swachhta  Barat Abhiyan delineation and lived up to the notion of Clean India ,initiated by this national leader decades ago.

An essay writing competition was also conducted based on the Life of Mahatma Gandhi. Results are as follows:

Positions                    First                                        Second                                    Third

Group 1 X-XII             Nitin Kumar                           Samriddh Garg                      Prateek Chandel

Group 2 VII-IX           Shivansh Bansal                    Shauryajeet Singh                 Eklavya Kumar


September 29, 2018

The school Hindi Department took the follow-up of literary activities and organized Inter-House Hindi Debate Competition on September 29, 2018. All the participants spoke with great fervor. The results were a testament of the oratorical skills of the speakers . The Best speakers in categories 1,2 and three were  Dev Kashyap,  Headmaster House;  Akhil Khan, Bursar House and Parv Banga, Principal House,  respectively. Bursar House emerged as the winning house. All expressed their earnest appreciation for the excellent and impressive conduct of the event.


September 22, 2018

The school witnessed its Annual Inter-House Hindi Elocution on September 22. Brimming with  teamwork and tenacity, the students delivered awe- inspiring poetry in solo and group categories and ensured 100% participation both from junior and senior school. Present at the occasion as judges were Mrs. Laxmi Bahukhandi, Pine Hall School; Mrs. Rekha Singh, Marshall’s School; Mrs. Bharti Mishra, Summer Valley School, to assess the performances. Bursar House was announced the overall winner. It  was altogether an enriching experience and culminated with words of appreciation and motivation by the Headmaster.


September 15, 2018

CBS hosted the Junior Council Football Tournament form 15th to 21st of this month. 12 schools over the town participated. Brownians won against Aryan School by 1-0, rested at 0-0 against Sri Ram Centennial School, won against Guru Nanak Academy by 4-3 and reached the semi finals to compete against St. Joseph’s Academy but lost by 0-2. Final match was between St Joseph’s Academy and St. Jude’s School wherein the latter won by 3-1.

Workshop: Psychological Aspects of Life

September 8, 2018

As an ongoing process, a workshop was conducted by Mrs. Mondrita Sen Gupta for the senior school students. The context in discussion was Psychological Aspects of Life. It was an affirmation to push one’s limits, make a paradigm shift in one’s thoughts, follow directions and pursue sincere efforts in life. This informative session was the ultimate test of agility, power and strength of mind over body.


September 6, 2018


Brownians participated in a two day seminar on ‘Indian Military History’ hosted by Welham Boys’ School on 6th and 7th September.

The segregation of students into different syndicates confirmed the participation of the following students :

Tanish Poddar and Mrinangshu Sen Gupta Syndicate 1 ‘India’s Relations with China:

India’s Security Perspective’

Priyanshi Chauhan Syndicate 2 ‘Women in Armed Forces’

Ayush Mittal and Arpan Bhujel Syndicate 3 ‘Free Expression: Indian Military


Sumrit Guglani Syndicate 4 ‘Missile Boat Attack on Karachi

and Gwadar’

The students spoke brilliantly on the agenda; conferred, conversed and opined purposefully and were able to develop collaborative thinking and deliberation.. The participants wrote essays on various topics as per their syndicates and the astounding artwork of the students of syndicate 3 was praiseworthy. The strenuous hours of practice and discussions have rendered students ability to perform to the best of their abilities amidst a plethora of informative and interactive sessions and surely they are now well informed about all the major issues relevant to India’s security measures.

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