Boys must be Physically fit if they are to benefit from the education and life of a boarding school. We would like the parents to know that the loss of an active term is not something to worry about or a sign of failing health. There is a well-equipped Hospital with an attached isolation Ward.  A trained Sister resides on the premises.  A fully qualified Medical Practitioner visits the Hospital daily. Boys are medically checked at the beginning of each term. In addition, the school Medical Officer pays frequent surprise visits to the Kitchen, Bakery and Dining Hall to satisfy himself that the necessary standards in hygiene and cleanliness are maintained. The charges are Rs 100/=per term. Extra charges are made for blood and other tests, X-Rays and for special medicines.

The Tamarind Theater

The theater was inaugurated on 17th March, 1993 on the school's 67th Founder's Day. This is a hexagonal brick, stone and concrete open-air theater to seat 1200. It has a Projection room, five activity rooms on the south side, and beneath the five tiered stage on the North are two green rooms and a Sports room with an enclosed verandah. A new Music Room was constructed in 1993 next to the Theater in the multi-storied Ireland House Complex to facilitate easy accessibility for the performances. In1993-1994 a new concrete-roofed Common Room has been constructed for the boys of Bursar House residing in India House. Brick walls have been constructed to protect the playing grounds as well as the Tennis courts, from land erosion.


The adage - "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" agrees with the system of the school. Both Intra as well as Inter School friendly matches are encouraged and only a medically unfit child is permitted to sit out at games time. The eight vast playgrounds allow the boys to burn up those extra calories playing Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Football, Hockey and Cricket etc.


The hospital has a resident nurse. A doctor visits the school for regular check-ups and keeps the health record of a child. A panel of doctors is always available on 24 hours notice for any medical emergencies.


The School boasts of an excellent library that provides a vibrant learning environment to the students. The library provides access to many different types of resources, from books and journals to databases as well as an Internet access facility. The library plays a pivotal role in inculcating the reading habit amongst youngsters in the era of information and communication technology.