About CBS

Col. Brown Cambridge School is amongst the best boarding school in Dehradun for boys. Admission to Col. Brown School is done in the month of March/July each year on the basis of merit after conducting a written test. The aim of Col. Brown Cambridge School is to acquaint a child with the initial steps of education, be it mental, physical or moral, so that when they venture into the world on their own they are recognized as respectable citizens of the country. Striving hard behind these 'Gentlemen' of the future is the earnest effort of the teaching fraternity of Col. Brown Cambridge School. In pursuance of this aim certain rules and regulations are laid which are followed rigidly for maintaining the decorum and discipline of the school. Here the word discipline needs to be elaborated upon and has no relation whatsoever with punishment. A number of set rules and regulations which enable a child to work within a definite framework is "discipline" and a breach of any of them invites "punishment". No corporal punishment is to be given to any child by any other than the Principal. No bullying or ragging is allowed, any such activity is severely dealt with. A child who is bellicose or is deliberately disobedient has no place in the school. The school expects a child to follow a very simple dictum-"Eat well, sleep well, play hard, work hard and above all be a "Good Boy". Anyone would be nostalgic on entering the school gate on 15th July and reading the school Motto in bold letters "MAGNA EST VERITAS" i.e. Truth is great. A close look at the buildings, extensive fields, tall trees, familiar faces, the bore wells with the generators making humming sound, only has a line on the Boys' lips, ' Happy days are here again.' The school is divided into three Houses namely Principal House (Green Color), Bursar House (Yellow Color) and Headmaster House (Red Color). Each House has a House Master whose residence is part of the House itself. The boys are not allowed to keep any private money with them and if they are found with unaccounted money than they are severely dealt with. However they can keep their private money with the sports master, who maintains a proper account of each individual. The boys are allowed to withdraw their money when required with the consent of the House Masters. Every Saturday is a pocket money day for both the seniors as well as juniors. The seniors enjoy Rs.50/- while the juniors munch on the tuck sent directly to their Houses. The Academic session is evenly distributed into two sessions - 15th July to 15th November-1st term and 15th January to 15th May-as IInd term. The weekly test time tables for the classes are made in the beginning of the term and are followed rigidly. To enable the parents to follow up the progress of their child the results of the two test marks are posted to them. On completion of four tests and with Half yearly/ Final examinations close at heels it was a trying time for both the teacher and the taught. A new system was evolved to give the child a wider scope for endeavor and advantage. It was agreed upon that 30% of half yearly and 70% of the final examination together would be the basis for the promotion of the child. The test papers and the answer scripts are sent home along with the child so that the parents can see the scripts/papers to assess the performance of their child. The school is being run by the "N.S. Educational Society" registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and is recognized for the purpose of sending up students for the I.C.S.E. Games and sports are an extremely important part of the curriculum and all boys have to take part in these. They include Hockey, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis, Badminton, Ping-Pong, P.T., Volleyball and other Indoor games. The School is secular and as a policy endeavors to admit boys from all parts of the country representing all religions, castes and creeds. It provides no religious instruction, but secular prayers and congregational singing of secular and patriotic hymns are a part of the daily morning assembly. It is also mandatory for a child to write letters to his parents every Saturday informing them about his welfare and activities at school. The parents are encouraged to visit the school as often as possible, as the school believes in strong family ties which is a must for the child's development. The school accepts NO donations or grants whatsoever from anyone. To bring out the innate talents and also motivate them academically a trophy is awarded to the House that performs the best in this field. A consensus of the Principal and the House Masters decides the "Best All Rounder" and also chooses a boy who is next in line with the Best All Rounder for the Principal's commendation. Academics and co-curricular activities go hand in hand. If academics develops the mental ability of the Boy, co-curricular activities make him physically fit and agile. The boys put their best foot forward on Founder's Day, be it Art and Crafts exhibition, projects, plays, Taekwondo or Yoga. The Annual Day is on 15th November. In order to maintain an informal relationship between the teacher and taught and to bring the confidence in the child in close proximity of the teacher an Expression Club was formed. A fixed number of boys are put under the care of a tutor, whose responsibility is to organize different activities for them like dramas, treks and hikes in the hills for a week in the last week of September. Since the Founder of the school was a keen sportsman and trained the future IMA Cadets, the School maintains a set of rifles to train the boys in Rifle Drill. On 26th January every year The Rifle Squad is a permanent part of the school's parade. The school also sends the boys for 'Air Pistol Shooting' and 'Rifle Shooting' to a proper club.