News update -13th Feb to 19th Feb 2018

Last few days at CBS have been quite uneventful. Shivaratri fell on 13th February, hence there was a holiday. 2nd Monthly Examination commenced on 17th February and would continue till 28th February. The boys are busy studying. As the Board Examinations are also being conducted, the environment at CBS has suddenly become solemn and earnest. However Inter house Cricket is round the corner and the boys are eagerly waiting for the event.

Web News

The boys of STD XIIth and Xth are burning the mid-night oil, preparing for their Board Examinations. STD XIIth science boys have already taken the practical Examinations of physics, chemistry and computer. On 9th of February the boys of Headmaster House went for a movie to celebrate their victory in the Hindi Debate Competition, whereas the boys of Bursar House went for a movie as they had won Inter House Basketball Tournament, 2017. Principal House hosted a dinner too celebrate their victory in the Football Tournament, 2017. This victory is their 3rd in a row. On Saturday 10th, Principal House is throwing a tea party to celebrate their victory in the Tala House Trophy by defeating Bursar House (2nd position) and Headmaster House (3rd position).

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