Weekly Update

The hard times are over as the exam season comes to an end. The final examinations and the board examinations for STD 10th and 12th got over on 19th April. All has not been too tense for everyone as the new students had a great time throughout the exams with a special “art of living” workshop. We were ardently grieved on 75th death anniversary of Col. William Brown. Mr. Pande and the housemasters paid a special visit to the great soul’s grave. Std 11th boys went for a town leave on 20th April. The exam copies were shown to the students on 21st April. The much awaited 91st Annual Academic Award Ceremony and the Captain Appointment ceremony took place on 22nd April. The event was honoured by the presence of Mr. Greg Mann. The following were the highlights of the event:

Highest aggregate in juniors: Mrignanshu Sen Gupta Das
Highest aggregate in seniors: Vaibhav Singhania
Best boy in seniors: Nihal Mann

Principal House- Palash Singh
Bursar House- Nihal Mann
Headmaster House- Kunal Yadav

Principal House- Harshit Kumar
Bursar House- Aman Tyagi
Headmaster House- Priya Raj

The award ceremony was followed by a delicious dinner in dining hall.

On 23rd April
STD 11th boys left for the Goa trip and the rest of the boys for treks to Chopta, Tehri, etc.

With fervent hopes we are ready to fight any problem with a bright future insight!