On 15th and 16th October 2016, old boys meet was held I the school. The session started with the school choir singing a hymn. It was followed by a talk on motivation by Mr.Sunny Chopra (1954) along with an audio visual presentation. This talk illustrated to the boys, how great players could become legends in their life time; it was only possible with a lot of hard work, determination and an indomitable spirit which drove them to greatness. After a tea break at 12:00 noon there was another talk by Mr. Manmohan Verma (1969). It was an interesting talk as he talked about his life at school and how the boarding life prepared him to face the future boldly. He also talked about the life at IIT Karagpur where he joined after finishing from school and how the life at CBS did help him to overcome and come at the top in IIT. As his mandate was also to talk about his professional career, he told an encouraging and inspiring description of his life in simple terms which enlightened the children. The talk by Mr.Verma was followed by the performance of school band in which four numbers were sung (Hindi and English), the energetic and live performance by Mukul Yadav touched one and all. The music teacher Mr.Mukhia sang after the children’s performance and he really impressed everyone with his range and soothing voice and many old boys requested numbers to be sung and he obliged everyone’s request with beautiful numbers. As the lunch was getting delayed the session had to come to an end. As Mr.S.L. Deepak said that audience is ‘musicaised’ so there was no point of his talk which was also planned for the same session. The evening session started with a football match and the Old boy’s team had some good old players like Col.Kuldeep Verma, Vinod Singh, Pushpendra, Saurabh Yadav, Faraz Hussain, Shubhang Gupta, Sarabdeep Singh, Deepan Garg to name a few and they were able to win the game against the present boys which was a pleasant surprise.

On 16th October after a hearty breakfast in the Dining hall, the Old Boys played a cricket match against the present boys. It was an exciting match as you really could see that some of the old boys have kept their playing skill even after leaving school. There was a tug of war which was difficult for the old boys to win. This was followed by a contributory sumptuous meal which was held on the C field.

90th Athletic School meet was declared open on 18th October with a March past and an oath taking ceremony. This meet will conclude on 25th October.

The Half yearly trials also started on 18th October. A studious environment could be seen in the school. The examinations will get over by 28th October.


On 7th October, (Friday) – a Programme was organized by Wildlife Preservation Society of India in the school to conclude the wildlife week. The show started with the welcoming of the guests and the prep school choir sang “We are the world”. A short film on tiger was shown and that was followed by the talk of Mr.Narendra Singh (Retd IFS) about the celebration of the wildlife week and its significance. Another short film on Tigers was shown and after that Dr.Prashant Singh spoke on the conservation and the food chain and the importance of the tiger. The prizes for the Essay writing competition and the Art competition were given by Mr.Pankaj Shah. In Essay writing the order of the merit was Harshit Kumar (1st), Priya Raj (2nd) and Vaibhav Singhania (3rd). Art prizes were given to Devesh Vashista (1st), Shiv Pratap (2nd), Ashwin Upra (3rd), a consolation was given to Eklavya. This competition was held on 1st October to start the wildlife week. A quiz on wild life was conducted as well. And the programme concluded by the senior school choir singing from gospel.

8th October (Saturday), The Cross country for 2 km and 3 km was held in and around the school. Annual school fete was held in the evening. It had different food stalls of delicious food stuff to stalls of games. Students not only enjoyed eating the mouth watering dishes but dancing as well.

9th October (Sunday), Inter House cross country competition took place. This was run from a point beyond Raipur to Maldevta. It is a beautiful route and was a lovely temperature in the morning. In the senior section – 8km run, Sparsh Goyal came first. In 5 km run, Boyno Singh secured 1st position. The overall trophy was won by Headmaster House.


1st October 2016 Saturday: On the occasion of the commencement of the Wild Life Week, an essay writing competition was organized in the school and topic was ‘Man-Animal conflict’. A painting competition was held for juniors the theme being ‘Save the Nature’. The results of the competition will be announced by the Wild Life Preservation Society of India on 7th Of October.

Priya Raj and Vaibhav Singhania took part in an Inter School Debate competition held in Marshall’s School.

Aman Tyagi and Gaurav Bhatia participated in an Art Workshop held in the Doon Girls school during the Wildlife Week celebration.

On Monday the 3rd October’2016 the Inter House Football tournament concluded with a final match between A teams of Bursar House and Principal House. Best player in A team was bagged by Kabir Pal Singh (XII) OF Principal House. Kartik Nagar was declared the best player in B team and Aditya Aryan was the best player in C team. The Inter House football trophy was won by Principal House with a good margin.

On 4th October boys of Headmaster House and Bursar House went to see a movie to celebrate their victory in Inter House Music and Inter House Basket Ball tournament.