Teacher`s Day 2014

Theacher`s Day has always been a great day for the Brownians which has always brought forth the talent of the students and proved the saying,”School is the best place to discover ones potential.”

The melodious “Guru Vandhna” by Saurav Kumar and the welcome song gave a splendid start to the gala event. “Boss comes to Dinner” by our tiny tots was very entertaining. The video clips displayed by the comperes spoke rightly the value of teacher in our life. The protagonist of the English Drama seeking revenge of this brothers death created a great suspense and thrill amongst the audience. The wordings of the choir “Bande hai hum usske” brought a new hope amongst the audience. For the first time the Brownian stage witnwssed contemporary dance. The second clipping very well proved the prayer “Guru Hi Maat Pita Guru Hi Shakti….”The August gathering also the witnessed the wits of “Mullah Nasar Uddin”.   The hip hoppers made the audience sway along with them. The last clipping illustrated the famous quote “A good teacher a worth hundred gems”. The band presented four outstanding numbers which made the audience rock and roll. The comedy fillers evoked great laughter among the audience and flooded away al the stress of the staff. The last item was the Hindi play which depicted how politicians transform trifles into riots.

With this we bid adieu to Teacher`s Day 2014, with hopes galore for the next year.

Magna Est Veritas

By- Pakiz Khan (X B)

Hindi Elocution

Hindustani Poet Rabindranath Tagore or Ramdhari Singh Dinkar have a special place in our heart.

The poems chosen this year for Group I was 1857 by Darshan Lal and Bharat Varsha Hanara Hai Yeh Hindustan Hai by Balkrishna Sharma Navin was for Group recitation.
Both the poems evoked a lot of national feeling in our hearts.
It was heatning to see new entrants to the school participate

Headmaster House managed to stand first.

Magna Est Veritas!!!!

Harshit Kumar

T.W. Phillips Inter- School English Debate

On the 21st of August, 2014, Atul Sharma of Standard XII participated in the T.W. Phillips Inter- School English Debate at Wynberg – Allen School, Mussoorie. The School stood first in the debate which was a three round competition.

In the first round, Colonel Brown was paired up with Musoorie International School and qualified for round two while speaking against the motion of the House which stated “The present generation is much more honest than those before it.”

Round two was based on the parliamentary format of the debate and Atul was teamed up with Mussorie International School and Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School (girl). He spoke against the motion of the House which stated this: “Voting should be made compulsory in India” and also handled the rebuttal for his team. Barely managing to scrape through to the third and final round along with Mussoorie International School,
St. George`s College and Unison World School, Atul Sharma won the third round (and debate) while speaking against the motion of the house which stated that “ it should be legal in India for women to carry firearms.”
A question was asked by the judge as well in this round.
Brownian`s proved once again that they are just as deadly at the lectern as they are on the fields!

Magna est Veritas

By – Harshit Kumar

Hindi Debate

On the 6th of September, 2014 Brownians had their annual Inter- House Hindi Debate Competition. We were divided four groups, i.e., Groups I, II, III, IV.

Groups I argued their points for and against the motion. The topic was “We must fight wars with weapons and not tactics”. The winner in this group was Harshit Gupta of Bursar House (Std- XII).

Groups II Spoke on the topic “Fashion is disorienting the youth from their goal and leading them astray,” the winner in this groups was Chirag Mann of Bursar House (STD- IX).

The best speaker in the Senior School was Chirag Mann.

Despite a brave and courageous fiight put up by all the three Houses, the Hindi Debate trophy went to Headmaster House, thanks to the spectacular speaking done by the little ones.

Magna est Veritas

By – Harshit Kumar

Inter School Fest

On the 1st and 2nd of September, twenty two Brownians went to Wynberg – Allen School, Mussoorie, to participate in their two day Cultural Fest “Capta Caelum- Reach for The Sky.” We took part in twelve events and secured third position in three events, namely, Turncoat (Atul Sharma, XII), Do-A-Duet (Atul Sharma -XII, Tarun Singh -XII, Aman Negi -XI, Jigmat Angchuk -X, Siddharth Gupta- X) and Ad- World (Md. Daniyal -X, Vishwaraj Saini -X, Atul Sharma -XII). The boys really enjoyed the fun- filled two days and are looking forward to similar events in the future with the aspirations of doing even better! All of the participants learnt a lot and got a chance to boost their self-confidence by being able to interact with other schools. This was probably the first time that Colonel Brown took part in a non sport-related event on such a large scale and the experience and memories from events such as these will stay al for long!

Magna Est Veritas

By- Atul Sharma